I’m a mom.

Hi all! I’ve been postponing this update for so long, that it never seems to be a good time to do it. To summarize: I’m a mom.

If you followed our journey you know that our IVF failed in May. After that, we decided to take a one month break before trying again. We wanted to try in July because I accepted a new job as a teacher.

When I got my period after the failed IVF I asked the clinic for letrozole to guarantee my next period because I don’t usually ovulate. They said no. I noticed I had a refill left so I decided to take it anyways. After my ovulation date, I started to use the leftover progesterone suppositories I had and estradiol (vaginally). It was a “what’s the worst it could happen” kind of thinking. We also visited a Saint in St. Augustine, FL, that helps families trying to conceive.

9 days after my ovulation date I took an Amazon cheapie pregnancy test (like every month) before calling to order the new round of IVF meds. For the 1st time in my life, I saw a light second line. My heart almost stopped. I called my husband, he wasn’t sure that it was there. I got a First Response that I’ve been saving forever and it showed the line a little bit darker. I was pregnant!

You can imagine the number of tests that I did between that moment (Saturday morning) and Monday afternoon when I got the beta results back. My estradiol levels were a little bit low, my THS levels were high, but they adjusted the medicines. There I was. Pregnant. I couldn’t believe it. No insemination, no in vitro, the old-fashion way…