Mini update.

Hi all!

I decided to not do a FET cycle this month. The clinic told me to call when I’m ready, but they didn’t give me Letrozole. That is OK, I had a refill left and I used it. Not that I’m expecting to suddenly conceive on my own, but I don’t want to lose my regular cycles.

Hopefully I’ll be back around here soon.


Mrs. Hope.

I don’t like Metformin.

As prescribed by the doctor, I started Metformin two weeks ago. It was awful. I couldn’t stay on it. It made me dizzy the whole day and gave me a terrible fatigue. After talking to other ladies in an online forum, they made me realized that the Atlanta doctor had put me in a natural supplement that does pretty much the same. So after clearing it with the doctor, I’m back to Inositol.

I was also supposed to start a LDN, but I’m not doing it until my actual IVF cycle. Is anyone taking it? Do you have any experiences that can share with me? I’m not even sure why we are supposed to take it.

I’m really confused right now and I don’t know what I want to do moving forward. Last month everything was clear in my head, now it is not.

I didn’t tell you about the SHG.

As I mentioned before, we are moving forward to IVF in CNY Fertility. Since all my fertility tests were done in 2017, they required me to do them again. I explained that I wouldn’t be doing the HSG again because I’m allergic to Iodine. They said I could have an SHG and I agreed.

SHG: sonohysterogram, a saline infusion sonogram. It is supposed to be like a vaginal ultrasound, but they also insert a catheter with saline to look at the interior of your uterus. It is also the most uncomfortable thing I have experienced so far.

The hospital where I did it requires this appointment to be done over the phone. I called, scheduled it, asked my job for permission, and was told to be there on Monday, February 4th, at 1 pm. When I arrived at the clinic, they explained that the scheduling department booked me for the HSG, not the SHG and that I would have to reschedule. I refused, and since I hadn’t pee in over two hours, and they probably saw my frustrated/angry face, they told me they would do it.

The tech that did the vaginal ultrasound was the most impersonal healthcare provider I’ve seen. She even asked me to put the ultrasound machine myself. The doctor who came for the saline part was really nice, but the procedure was awful. It is way longer than the HSG and way more uncomfortable. I had cramps and pain the whole afternoon.

The only good thing about it the test was the results: uterus is good to go. Still retroverted, but healthy.

Just relax.

Just relax, that is the funniest phrase I’ve heard since we are TTC. Relax? Really?

Let’s see:

  • Day 1 one your period: call RE. Make sure they send the medicines to the Pharmacy.
  • Day 3 to 7: Don’t forget to take those little monsters each day at bedtime.
  • Day 10 until Ovulation: Don’t forget to pee every morning in the pee stick. We don’t want to miss the ovulation window.
  • Day of the smiley face: Hurry, let’s have sex! Stop everything.
  • 8 days after ovulation: Is too early, don’t test yet.
  • 9 days after ovulation: BFN, but there is still hope.
  • 10 days after ovulation until period: Hanging in there.
  • Period day: Oh crap. Cry (the first cycles, after a while you are used to it). Call RE. Start again.

I would love for the “just relax committee” to explain how exactly I can achieve that, lol. I would also love to learn how relaxing is going to help my body ovulate on its own (without the medicines).

I know most people are just trying to be nice. I’m mostly upset at the ones that understand the process and still say it.

PS: This was a venting post. Sometimes reading those TTC forums have that effect on people. 

IVF got this… (I sure hope she does, because I don’t).

ivfWell, here we are. The final stop in the fertility ladder. Or what I wish is the final stop…

We had our initial consultation at the CNY Atlanta office. I wasn’t impressed by the doctor, but I knew she was only necessary to “get in”, not for her expertise. We decided to do IVF on my next cycle (the one after the current one). After that, I was told to expect a call from the Syracuse office with further instructions.

What the Atlanta lady failed to explain to us is that after a year, you have to re-do all the tests. I refused another HSG (I’m allergic to Iodine), so I will be doing a Saline Sonogram instead (SHG). We are not re-testing my husband’s sperm because we already know he is not the problem. We also have to do a preconception genetic test (first on me, based on the results, he may or may not have to do it). Apparently, this is the best choice, because of my age, and I certainly prefer to do it on me than on the embryos.

The Atlanta doctor gave me a lot of supplements that I’m drinking daily. The IVF medicines are sooooo expensive. I didn’t have a clue of how expensive they are!

So, I’m overwhelmed, but I wanted to give a brief update of what is going on.

Until next time!

First IUI.

So yesterday was our first IUI. We woke up early, had breakfast and then proceed to take DH’s sample. We rushed to the doctor, and we made it on time. They took the sample and told us to wait in the lobby.

After 50 minutes more or less, they called us for the procedure. The nurse asked me to verify the information and to lay down. The first speculum was too big, so she had to change it. After that, she had a little bit of trouble find it my cervix (my uterus is retroverted), and I had to cough a few times. Then, she cleaned the area with some huge Q-Tips. And then, she slowly inserted the catheter with the semen.

She said that I didn’t need to lay down for 15 minutes, that it doesn’t make any difference. I was confused because everything that I read said that. She told me that we had the room for as long as we needed it, so I was welcomed to lay down. But after 5 minutes I figured she must know more than me, and I got dressed. My husband went to work, and I came to mine.

The first hour was uneventful. Then I started to have pain, lots of pain. I had pain in my ovaries, my abdomen, and parts of my body that I don’t know how to describe. By the time I left my work, I had pain even walking. I’m going to assume that it was ovulation pain because of all the medicines. I took it easy yesterday night, and by today, the pain is so much better. It went from 8 to 4 in the morning. By now, is like a 2.

So now we just have to wait and pray.

Hi Ovidrel, nice to meet you!

As I mentioned before, we are doing our first IUI this month. I took 7.5 mg of Letrozole instead of the usual 5 mg. I went to my ultrasound on CD2. Yesterday I went to my ultrasound on CD12. The good/bad thing about my clinic is that they don’t explain anything to you. They don’t tell you how many follicles you have, the size, your uterus lining, they just give you the OK. That is good because is intended to make you feel safe and taken care of, to take the pressure away. That is bad because I like to know and understand everything.

I do know that I have four follicles on my left side and that two of them are longer than 18 mm. According to Doctor Google, that is a good thing. Yesterday afternoon they called me to let me know that I was good to go (no idea about my uterus lining) and to go ahead and take the Ovidrel shot between 8 – 10 pm in my belly. The Ovidrel shot is pretty expensive. My insurance doesn’t cover it, and it costs around $215. With the help of my friend, I purchased it at $167 and a few cents.

When DH got home, I told him that we have the appointment for tomorrow and that he was going to have to give a sample at the doctor’s office. He got pretty upset when I told him that I probably wasn’t going to be allowed in the room with him. So, I got upset with him. We went to Costco without talking about it anymore (we had my stepson with us) and by the time we got home, it was shot time.

I asked him to inject me because I didn’t think I would be able to do it myself. To be honest, it was pretty quick and painless. I was more concerned about damaging our very expensive medicine. Hopefully, those two follicles are growing as I write, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Although I know the success rate is less than 20%, we have been trying for so long, that I’m happy to take the next step in our journey.

I called the clinic today, and my DH can do the sample at home, so he is happy about that.

Where is the hope?

So after the excitement of the two big follicles, came the fact that I didn’t have and LH surge and then my progesterone blood test didn’t prove ovulation. I wrote to my RE and I haven’t received an answer… I got my period (I don’t understand how without ovulation…) on CD 25, which is a first.

I think there is a small chance that I ovulated earlier in the cycle but I’m not a damn doctor and the guy who studied to know that doesn’t bother to reply to me. I even called… Nada.

So anyways, I did another round of Letrozole without being too convinced that is still working. The good news is that without insurance is $150 at Publix, but I managed to get them for $38 at Walmart. There is a website that give you coupons… If you need one, please let me know.

Now I’m here, CD 12 I think. No LH surge although the two lines are pretty similar in color in the pee pee stick. I think my testosterone is out of control. My face looks like I’m 15 years old.

I’m still unemployed and fighting a very bad cold after an awful allergy season.

Not a lot of exciting news around here. I guess that’s why I haven’t been blogging. Who wants to read other people whining about their problems?


I’ve been quiet.

Hello there!

I know I’ve been quiet lately but I’ve been trying to focus on things other than TTC. It’s a work in progress. But today I’m having so much pain in what I believe are my ovaries, that I needed to write about it.

It’s funny that every month  my body goes through all of this crazy ride but still nothing happens…

Remember the dear friend that was pregnant after almost 10 years of trying? She lost her baby girl. That happened around Christmas and I forgot to write about it, but I was deeply sad for her. Still, she is hanging in there and keeping her faith.

So many people are pregnant lately! I don’t know if it is because I’m paying attention now, but from my Facebook to celebrities, everyone seems to be expecting, lol. My mom is super fertile, but her mom had a lot of trouble trying to conceive her. So I guess I take after my grandma.

Anyways, this post wasn’t about any particular topic, so until next time! 🙂

PS: My Luna is getting bigger and she is soooooooooooooooo beautiful.