The no so good news.

Last Thursday I finally had the follow-up appointment with my RE. I was hoping we were going to be able to do the IUI this cycle, because since I was already in CD11, he said no.

I left his office crying. Sometime during our appointment, he casually mentioned that after 6 months of Letrozole, 50-60% of PCOS patients get pregnant. And of course, here I am, 9 rounds later and nothing yet. He explained our options moving forward. Of course, we are going to try IUI first, it makes more sense financially, not that any of it is covered by my insurance.

Who could think that it was going to be so hard to have a baby that is wanted that much?

For those of you that are braver than I am, there is an over the counter device that allows you to do an IUI at home. It’s call “The Stork” but you have to leave the cap inside from 4-6 hours, and I was afraid to do so.

In unrelated news, I’m pretty sure that I also have Endometriosis.

PS: I’m using green font for the 1st time because green is the color for hope. 

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