Now what?

I was fired last Friday. It wasn’t because of me. They have financial issues. It’s the first time in my life that I’m fired. I’m not happy about it but it’s just a job. What bothers me is my health insurance.

I asked them if they could please keep me in the group health insurance and that I would be more than happy to pay the full amount of it and they said no. They didn’t have any reason to say no. They know I’m doing a fertility treatment, but they just chose to deny that to me. I know there is a God and that eventually, everything falls into its place, but I’m upset and angry.

I was supposed to start monitored cycles and move to IUI next cycle. That’s not a possibility anymore.

I wrote to my RE and he said it’s safe to continue with Letrozole while I find a new job and health insurance. He was kind enough to write “please don’t panic, I’m sure you will conceive”.

But I can’t help but wonder, why are people so mean? Why do they deny others the possibility to become a mother? I guess I’ll never know.

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