A little bit of everything.

hopeLast week I gave my SO the address to this blog and he told me he couldn’t finish reading it because it was lacking hope. He seems to think I’m a little bit obsessed with this TTC thing, and this blog and its title certainly didn’t help my case, lol 🙂

I guess we see things in a different way, and that’s fine. He is older than me and he already has a 16 years old son. And while he wants another kid, is not an experience he hasn’t had before.

For a while now I’ve been considering starting acupuncture for fertility, but of course my insurance doesn’t cover it. The initial appointment is $125 that I don’t have right now. So yesterday I was organizing a few boxes that I never opened after we moved, and I found a birthday card my grandparents gave me with $150 inside.

It made me so happy that I guess that’s how people feel when they win the lotto! Right away, I called that acupuncture clinic and I made my appointment for this coming Friday. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


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