Maintaining my sanity.

pexels-photoThis TTC thing is very complicated.

I had this fertility app on my cellphone with lots of forums and discussions about fertility treatments, gone!

I had another app to keep track of my symptoms, not anymore!

Every month around 8-10 dpo I have cramps or sore boobs and I convince myself that I’m pregnant, well, not anymore!

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m ovulating, I’m doing my best and it will happen… I don’t know when, but I will happen. And my little Luna has done wonders to my mood, I’m less depressed and I’m content.

My little baby  and my love give me love and company and that’s something to be grateful for.

Don’t think that I don’t get frustrated every month. I do. But I’m not surprise anymore. I don’t test everyday like crazy. Now I know is not up to me.

My RE wants to wait until the 6th month of treatment is over before moving forward and I guess we’ll do that. We’ll see.


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