Wait… what?

clearblueHello from cycle day 21!!!

The Holiday Season had me very busy and I forgot to give an update on this crazy cycle.

As I said before, I purchased the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation test to see if it was different. I tested on day 14 and it was blank, as expected. Well, when I tested on day 15, I got the high peak smiley face. Not the flashy one, the steady one! I was surprised because I usually get my LH surge around day 18.

After researching online (always a bad idea), I found that most people think this advanced test is not as reliable. To make things worse, once the high peak is displayed, it stays there for 48 hours, you can’t test. So I managed to get a previous test device and I inserted the new test sticks in there and it worked, and I had my 2nd smiley face on day 16…

Tomorrow I’m going for the blood test, let’s see what happens.

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