Progesterone level.

My Progesterone level is back: 11.4 this month. Back when my RE was a nice person who replied to my messages, he told me that anything over 5 indicates ovulation. Of course, since I don’t know when the LH surge was, I’m not sure we BD in the precise days…

This Progesterone thing is confusing as hell and if anyone reading this know something about it, please share! Before starting treatment, my Progesterone level was 0.2 or something like that. After the first month of Letrozole, it was 5 something. Second month, 45 (which even I know is very high) and now we are on 11.4, which seems normal (?).

Here is a chart so you too can observe the variety of levels!


So I guess now it’s only time to wait for my period to start so I can do round 4 of Letrozole. It seems like a wasted cycle, but I learned the valuable lesson of not relying only on OPK tests.

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