Day 26 a.k.a I hate this cycle.

Day 26 here. Still no LH surge. But at this point is not going to happen. Tomorrow I’m going for a blood test to confirm ovulation, but I don’t know how successful that will be since its supposed to be done 7 days after your ovulation day.

I’m assuming that I did ovulate but the surge was not high enough for my digital OPK to pick it up. I’m assuming that because the other possibility scares me too much. So far the only good thing going on was how well I was responding to Letrozole.

Maybe we will have to increase the dose. Maybe we’ll start trigger shots. I honestly have no idea and my RE is not being very responsive (or responsive at all). You all can imagine how nervous I’m today.

To make things worst, I had to take the day off yesterday because I’m very sick with a virus (cold) and had fever all day long.



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