I’m mad at my RE.

REThe clinic that I go to for my fertility treatment has this awesome system call Mychart where you can send messages to your doctor asking non-urgent medical questions. At the beginning of my treatment (3 months ago) I sent two or three questions that my RE answered real fast. Now, for the past messages, he reads them but there is no reply.

To me, that is just plain rude. Yes, I know that I’m an anxious person. Yes, he probable has something better to do. But if you took the time to read my questions, which most of the time are made in a yes or no format, I think you have 2 minutes to reply to me.

I’m pretty sure that all of your years of experience have taught you so far that there are only a few people more anxious, desperate and over-analyzing that a woman trying to conceive. A little bit of empathy would go a long way here.

I apologize for the rant, but when you are on cycle day 24 and there is no LH surge, you start to freak out. What if the medicine didn’t work? Does this mean that we have to increase the dose? So many questions, so much anxiety, no answers.

After the most incredible ovary pain today, I convinced myself to go ahead and do the blood test on Friday as scheduled to see if I ovulated and then I’ll go from there. I may have to call that wonderful clinic and see what they suggest, you know, if my dear doctor isn’t too busy to deal with this anxious and worried lady.


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