The bag left behind.

I’m on cycle day 23 and there is no smiley face so far, so to keep my mind busy, I’m going to talk about something not related at all.

Almost 5 years ago I moved from a beautiful country in Central America to the United States. I left behind a bag with a few possessions and some clothes. My dad has been back there twice and for certain reasons, he never was able to get it from me. All this years my little bag was at his friend’s house.

Over these past 5 years it has sort of become a joke: what is going on with your bag? Well, my baby sister went to that beautiful country recently and a college friend offered to pick it up for me and take it to my sister’s location.


My friend has a motorcycle. He made all of the arrangements and when he got to the house, he sent me this picture with the caption “we need to redefine your definition of little”. It was very funny but he managed to do it!

The bag had a lot of clothes that I really like so it’s like having a new wardrobe without going shopping. It had a porcelain doll from my great-grandmother. It had an autograph picture from Celine Dion.  I thought it was a good story to make today that didn’t involve my frustration about ovulation kits and the pain I’m having.

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