Where is my smiley face?

Today is cycle day 18 and I didn’t get my smiley face. Just yesterday I was telling C (that’s my hubby) that I didn’t have the ovulation symptoms this month: no sore boobs, no low back pain and no egg white discharge. And for some reason, I wasn’t excited about ovulation.

Well, now that I didn’t get my smiley face I’m sad. What if I didn’t ovulate this month? That would be very bad news, since I’m taking medicine to assist with ovulation and so far, it worked.

I’m hoping I get my smiley face tomorrow. This morning I did have the egg white discharge that I have one or two days prior the LH surge/ovulation, so I’m hoping that I’m just ovulating later.

Gosh, I hate that I have to be so conscious about my body and the things it does. It only creates more anxiety.

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