Almost time…

… to start peeing on the stick again!

I’m on cycle day 10. According to my RE and almost everyone you have to start peeing on the stick and having intercourse every other day starting on day 10 up to day 20. Well, by now, I already know that I have my LH surge on cycle day 18. But still, I can’t not test because I don’t want to risk it. So the latest I’ve been able to start so far is cycle day 11. You’ll think that giving how expensive those tests are, I would be able to contain myself.

Since I have PCOS, I can’t use the regular ovulation test. I have to use the digital one with the beautiful and yet elusive smiley face. So it’s about $36 for a two month supply (20 tests). But somehow, I always manage to get one test done incorrectly, so I’m not sure the two month thing is working for me.

What I don’t like of this process is the stress it creates and the pressure. You know that when that smiley face comes, you HAVE to have sex. And that is not fun and that alone could kill the mood. And when you love and desire your partner, you don’t want to make him feel like a baby machine.

As I said before, this process could be exhausting. But I have faith in our love and in us and hopefully, the end result will be a beautiful baby.


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