The Intermission

When you go to see a play, there is a pause between acts call “intermission”. Well, that’s where I am right now.

My cycle has the following structure:

  • Stage 1: Action days. These are the days leading to ovulation, when we are supposed to have timed intercourse.
  • Stage 2: Waiting game. These are the two longest weeks that exist, when you try not to pee on a stick every day.
  • Stage 3: The disappointment, aka as period. No explanation needed.
  • Stage 4: Intermission (we are here!). This is the part where I take medicines.
  • Stage 5: Tests. Lots of tests. Blood tests, ovulation tests. Peeing on a stick, but a different one.

Technically speaking the cycle starts with my period and the intermission should be in the middle, but this is my play so I’m giving myself creative license.

Today is Letrozole day 3. Letrozole is a beautiful medicine that helps me ovulate while making me drier than the Sahara desert.

Oh, the places we go!

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