Letrozole, round 3.

Today is cycle day 3  and that means it’s time to start a new round. The other two cycles I was very excited to start, but this one I’m just OK. I still want it very much, but now I know that ovulating doesn’t equal baby.

When I get my period I have to call my doctor’s office and the lady who picks up the phone is not very nice. You would think that someone dealing with ladies that can’t get pregnant would be a little bit more sensitive.

Let me tell you the story about my 1st month. With my luck, I got my period on a Friday, and Florida was getting ready for Hurricane Irma. The doctor’s office was closed and I needed the medicines before Monday. So I managed to convince my PCP to give me the medicine and that was fine. Then, Publix didn’t have the medicine on stock. So, on Saturday, 15 minutes before they closed for the damn hurricane, I got them.

Fast forward to cycle 2 when I called to inform that my period was here. The lady got really upset because I got my medicine that way the month before, never mind that they were closed for Irma. This month I got my period on a Saturday. When I called on Monday, she got upset because I didn’t call during the weekend. So she is always upset.

And now here I am, waiting for bed time to start round 3 and praying to God and all that exists that this is finally the month.


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