The abbreviations.

When you have been trying for a few months, you start to have questions and you google them. And you find yourself in one of those online forums that are full of abbreviations. Women in there sound like experts and you have no idea what are they talking about!

So, if you are new, you may find this helpful. And let me say, there are still a few that I don’t know:

  • AF- Period
  • TTC- Trying to conceive
  • BFN- Big fat negative (pregnancy test)
  • BFP- Big fat positive
  • DPO- Days past ovulation
  • DH- Dear husband
  • TWW- Two week wait (after ovulation)
  • CM- Cervical mucus
  • HPT- Home pregnancy test
  • FMU- First morning urine
  • DD- Dear daughter
  • DS- Dear son

If you know some that I didn’t post in here, please comment below.

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